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Making the Right Decision

Choosing a marker or monument is something that should be done with great care. We would like to suggest some considerations. The memorial you choose will be a permanent tribute to the life of the deceased.

  • Our best advice is to let some time go by after the death before choosing a memorial. It is difficult and expensive to replace if you decide you made a mistake.
  • It is best to get a recommendation from a trusted source for the independent-retail monument builders in your area, one that is familiar with the rules and regulations that will be a part of your decision.
  • If possible, personally go to the monument company and look at the quality of the memorials they provide.
  • Decide on the material for the marker or monument. Granite is the most popular and comes in a variety of colors, but you may choose marble. Bronze is also a choice and sometimes required by certain cemeteries or memorial parks.
  • Shape and size will also be choices. Flower vases, permanent memorial portraits and other accessories are all decisions in creating a personalized memorial.
  • Cost of the memorial will be determined by the above decisions, as well as to the amount of information, graphics and carvings you choose.
  • Before the information is carved into the stone you should approve a final layout of the design on paper, or visit the company and see the actual layout of the stencil on the stone.
  • 8-12 weeks is a typical time for completion of the marker or monument.
  • If possible, check the memorial to be sure it is correct before it is delivered. There will always be a foundation, setting or installation fee of varying amounts, most often collected from the cemetery or memorial park.

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